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Clinical collaboration through the Mayo Clinic Care Network provides health-care organizations access to world-leading medical expertise so that they can provide patients more of the care they need, close to home, at no additional cost.

Mayo Clinic solutions and services

Access Mayo Clinic's clinical, educational and research knowledge and expertise through solutions and services customized for your organization.

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Mayo Clinic Care Network Tools

The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a select group of carefully vetted independent health systems that are granted special access to Mayo Clinic's knowledge and leading medical expertise, all with one goal in mind, providing patients the care they need close to home at no additional cost. At the core of the network is clinical collaboration. Mayo Clinic and Care Network physicians working together, consulting and sharing resources to complement local expertise and enhance the delivery of care. Let's take a closer look at some of the clinical tools and services.

Ask Mayo expert is a database that offers quick point of care access to standardized practices on hundreds of medical conditions. Accessible anytime, AME can be used to help determine the need for tests or referrals in non-urgent cases. The online tool includes care process models, clinical trials information, and patient education. Care network members have accessed more than 2500 patient education materials that provide a consistent and patient-centric way of teaching, informing, and empowering patients to learn more about treatments, conditions, and healthy living.

When providers have a specific question regarding their patient's diagnosis or treatment plan, they can request an eConsult. A Mayo Clinic specialist will review patient information and provide a formal response electronically, allowing providers to keep care close to home at no additional cost to the patient.

eBoards are live video conferences that connect providers with a multi-disciplinary panel of Mayo Clinic specialists to review and discuss complex cases, making it easy to share expertise regardless of physical location.

For hospitalized patients in need of urgent to semi-urgent intervention, inpatient telephone consults allow providers to connect with a Mayo Clinic specialist in a timely way. Complex care often requires medical experts for more than one specialty. Care Network providers can refer a patient to Mayo Clinic and stay informed and involved through direct collaboration. Our experts work together to provide comprehensive care for patients with even the most complex conditions, providing a seamless transition when the patient returns home to receive care from their local provider.

While many network tools are centered on individual patient care, healthcare consulting is about organizational improvement. Members can target clinical, operational, and business goals with the guidance and support of Mayo Clinic professionals. Mayo Clinic promotes in-person and online group and individual learning through collaboratives, conferences, symposia, and webinars. Additionally, members have access to more than 200 educational courses and conferences with CME potential each year. Care Network members also have access to a digital portfolio of original health and wellness content developed by Mayo Clinic. The content is designed to provide guidance and drive engagement and is continuously vetted and updated to help patients achieve greater health and wellness in ways that matter most. To learn more, visit or call 507-266-2114.


Access Mayo Clinic's standardized practices for hundreds of medical conditions. Determine the need for tests or referrals in nonurgent cases.

Patient education materials

Access more than 2,500 patient-facing documents and videos. Inform, engage and empower patients on treatments, conditions and healthy living.


Consult with a Mayo Clinic specialist in a fully documented, asynchronous electronic format. Get a second opinion in a way that's convenient and beneficial for both provider and patient.


Participate in multisite, multidisciplinary video conference discussions. Present cases and share experiences regardless of physical location.

Inpatient telephone consults

Speak directly with a Mayo Clinic specialist over the phone. Get on-demand guidance for hospitalized patients in need of urgent or somewhat urgent intervention.

Patient referrals

Refer patients to a Mayo Clinic location when specialty care cannot be provided locally. Get patients the care they need while staying informed and involved throughout the process.

Health Care Consulting

Receive support and guidance from Mayo Clinic toward achieving clinical, operational and business goals. Leverage Mayo Clinic's world-class expertise to improve practices and achieve operational excellence.


Participate in collaboratives, conferences, symposiums and webinars, both in person and online. Access 200+ courses and conferences with continuing medical education (CME) potential each year.


Enhance provider and caregiver education with on-demand streaming of thousands of accredited medical lectures and fully narrated surgical procedures featuring Mayo Clinic experts.

Mayo Clinic Health Information

Drive patient and consumer engagement by offering Mayo Clinic's library of original health and wellness content on your website. Help patients achieve greater health and wellness through increased engagement.

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