Amplify expertise

Members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network can build or amplify clinical, educational or research expertise through a unique collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

At the core of the network is clinical collaboration. Mayo Clinic specialists work together with member physicians, consulting and sharing resources to complement existing expertise.

Patients benefit when their trusted local health care providers engage Mayo Clinic specialists on their behalf to confirm, consult or access the latest research on their conditions.

By combining local provider understanding of patients' unique medical needs with Mayo Clinic's expertise, patients receive exactly the care they need, close to home, at no additional cost.

Reducing CAUTIs and C. diff through Health Care Consulting

Dr. Carteret Health Care Chief Nursing Officer Patti Hudson consults with her staff.

Carteret Health Care Chief Nursing Officer Patti Hudson, R.N., M.S.N, N.E., attacks quality improvement opportunities with Health Care Consulting (HCC) projects made available through her hospital's membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network. One of their first HCC engagements was for catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) when data revealed an improvement opportunity.

Learn how Carteret Health Care enhanced quality.

Research training inspires staff, achieves early outcomes at Saudi German Hospital, Cairo

A staff member at Saudi German Hospital, Cairo, teaches a student how to care for a patient.

In Egypt, innovative research typically emerges from academic hospitals, not private hospitals. For Saudi German Hospital, Cairo (SGH-Cairo), a Mayo Clinic Care Network member, this reality presented an opportunity — not a barrier. Through Health Care Consulting, SGH-Cairo requested a training curriculum outlining how Mayo Clinic manages research and developed their own program.

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Mentorship imparts knowledge, hands-on experience

Michael Strum, M.D., talks with a patient

"Through Mayo Clinic's resources, mentorship and world-class specialists, I've been afforded invaluable exposure and experience so I can continue providing excellent care," says Michael Strum, M.D., Foundation Health Partners.

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Working together to transform genetic research

The genetic research team at Middlesex Health.

Out of a brainstorming session evolved a meaningful collaboration for a community cancer center in Connecticut. Middlesex Health and Mayo Clinic worked together to improve the lives of people with cancer and their families through impactful research.

Learn how Middlesex Health improved lives.

Leadership program sparks improvements

St. Clair colleagues collaborate on making health care better

"The (Mayo Clinic) leadership course empowered us to take action and provided us the necessary steps to make improvements," says Jason M. Biggs, M.D., chief of Emergency Medical Services at St. Clair Hospital. Dr. Biggs led an initiative that reduced emergency department wait times — in some cases, by 15 minutes.

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