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I am a grateful patient who sees the value of collaboration firsthand

Shi Qiang, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital

Member: Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Hangzhou, China

Dear Distinguished Hospital Leaders and All Colleagues at Mayo Clinic:

I am an ordinary hospital employee working as a medical doctor-patient relationship mediator. In addition, I am also the husband of a beautiful lady and the father of two lovely babies. I have a happy family and a job that makes me feel fulfilled.

Unfortunately, on February 17, 2019, the hospital found that there might be a bad thing on my liver. All of a sudden, I changed from a hospital staff member to a patient. Fortunately, with the care of hospital leaders and colleagues, I was quickly arranged for admission in Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SSRSH). President Cai Xiujun spent time to personally complete the laparoscopic right hepatectomy, cholecystectomy and hilar lymph node dissection. The superior medical skills and minimally invasive advantages allowed me to get out of bed on the afternoon of the operation.

After getting the diagnosis of adenocarcinoma by pathological examination and in order to make my treatment plan more detailed and intensive, SRRSH's diagnosis and treatment team actively initiated an eConsult. Knowing that Mayo Clinic was the top medical organization ranking No. 1 in the United States for many years, I was so looking forward to getting Mayo experts' advice. Mayo experts gave a reply soon after discussion and suggested that I receive adjuvant chemotherapy. Now I am receiving GP regimen adjuvant chemotherapy in our hospital's oncology department, which can let me tolerate chemotherapy side effects and recover well.

Thanks to the warmth and care from the hospital, and thanks to Mayo Clinic for building such a convenient, effective and high-quality global cooperation platform, I am able to get the advice of the world's top medical experts team simply at "home." Thanks to this innovative network of global health care organizations, patients can receive exceptional medical care and an unparalleled medical experience. I firmly believe that with the continuous development of information technology, this meaningful innovation will surely benefit more patients around the world, and this kind of cooperation can help more medical institutions to improve the quality and management of medical services. The service concept of “patient needs come first” will also be further spread. I am deeply proud and fortunate that I can work at SRRSH, which has good cooperation with Mayo Clinic.

I am now recovering well. I look forward to returning to my favorite job as soon as possible. I am also looking forward to the opportunity to go to Mayo Clinic — the medical sanctuary —to learn and understand the core values and innovative ideas of patient needs come first.

Thank you very much!

Yours sincerely,
Shi Qiang
Sir Run Run Shaw employee and patient

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