More care close to home

Most people want to get best health care possible close to home, near loved ones. At Mayo Clinic, we continue to seek out new and innovative ways to bring a world of discovery and knowledge to all patients, wherever they receive care.

Mayo Clinic has extensive experience in treating patients with serious, complex or rare conditions. As part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, your physicians can draw on the collective knowledge of Mayo Clinic through:

  • On-demand digital tools
  • Multidisciplinary virtual discussions
  • One-on-one phone consultations (inpatient)
  • Asynchronous electronic consultations (outpatient)

Working together, you can provide your patients the care they need, close to home, at no additional cost to them.

Physician collaboration delivers improved birth experience with compassion and convenience

When Casey was expecting a fourth child, her Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) doctor evaluated her health history and blood work. He prescribed multiple medications to keep her hemophilia in check. Through BVHS's relationship with the Mayo Clinic Care Network, he sought a second opinion, via eConsult, to ensure a safe delivery for Casey and her baby.

Read why BVHS uses eConsult to access second opinions.

EConsult draws on multiple disciplines, changes cancer diagnosis and outcome

A Middlesex Health caregiver with a patient.

As part of Middlesex Health's oncology team, Michael Farrell, M.D., routinely requests eConsults from Mayo Clinic cancer specialists. For one patient, the eConsult request resulted in a change in diagnosis and treatment plan, giving the patient a new lease on life.

Discover how an eConsult with Mayo Clinic can change outcomes.

Celebrating a clean bill of health with an abundance of gratitude

Lloyd Sather consults with Minnesota Oncology's Rajini Katipamula-Malisetti, M.D.

When Minnesota Oncology's Rajini Katipamula-Malisetti, M.D., met 81-year-old Lloyd Sather, he had stage 4 colon cancer. The cancer spread to his liver. Adamant to find the best option for treating Sather, Dr. Katipamula-Malisetti requested an eConsult from Mayo Clinic to get a second opinion. The resource is available to Minnesota Oncology providers through the Mayo Clinic Care Network and ultimately led Lloyd to being "free of disease."

Read Lloyd Sather's story of being grateful and "free of disease."

Mayo Clinic Care Network relationship paves the way for critical patient intervention

Jaylen Clausell and his mother, Celitia

During high school basketball practice, 16-year-old Jaylen Clausell collapsed — he was in cardiac arrest. Jaylen's mother, Celitia, credits the strong relationship between Baptist Health Care and Mayo Clinic for saving her son's life.

Read how Baptist Health Care saved Jaylen's life.

With the help of Mayo Clinic, a 5-year-old's health is back on track

A CHRISTUS St Vincent caregiver examine Miana Ortiz

"As a parent, it was comforting for my child to receive the specialty care she needed while remaining in the care of her CHRISTUS St. Vincent primary care provider who knows her best."

Learn how Miana received specialized care close to home.

Grateful patient sees value of collaboration firsthand

Shi Qiang, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital

"Thanks to the warmth and care from the hospital, and thanks to Mayo Clinic for building such a convenient, effective and high-quality global cooperation platform, I am able to get the advice of the world's top medical experts team simply at 'home,' " says Shi Qiang, employee and patient at Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital.

Learn how Shi Qiang accesses Mayo's expertise.

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