The Suites at Saint Marys

Long hallway view of the Suites at Saint Marys.

The Suites at Saint Marys offer Mayo Clinic patients the option of private, world-class accommodations within Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus. Patients who choose this service receive the same high-quality care unique to all Mayo Clinic patients, while enjoying special amenities and services.

Explore the Suites at Saint Marys

3d dollhouse-style view of the Suites at Saint Marys.
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Accommodations for specific room requests are made according to patient and hospital needs. Thank you for understanding.

A patient and Mayo Clinic staff person walk down a Suites at Saint Marys hallway.

Each suite provides guests with the utmost in privacy and comfort, assuring the fulfillment of Mayo's primary value: The needs of the patient come first.

Two Suites at St. Marys staff members review a personalized preferences sheet.

Ancillary staff is experienced in working with the discerning customer, which complements the nationally recognized, world-class medical care provided by Mayo Clinic doctors and nurses. Together, they coordinate the patients' medical care with careful consideration of personal preferences.

A Suites at St. Marys nurse converses with a patient.

Nursing staff is trained across multiple specialty practices and focuses on patient satisfaction and service excellence. People from all walks of life choose to stay at The Suites at Saint Marys, where they receive personalized attention, comfort and assurance.

Amenities and services

Patients who choose The Suites at Saint Marys for their hospital stay enjoy many special amenities and services, such as:

Private luxury rooms with master bathrooms

Suites at St. Marys master bathroom amenities.
  • Fine linens
  • Fine English toiletries
  • Oversized bath towels
  • Terry robe and slippers

Elegant in-room gourmet dining in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere

A personalized meal at the Suites at St. Marys.

Receive personalized meal consultation and preparation from dedicated on-site culinary staff. Patients and their guests can savor special meal requests, including kosher, vegetarian or ethnic cuisines served on fine china in their own private dining area that is dressed in fine linens.

A Suites at St. Marys chef garnishes an entree.

For a complete listing of services and amenities, please call The Suites at Saint Marys at 507-255-5151. Friendly, welcoming staff members will be happy to assist you.

Arranging a stay at The Suites at Saint Marys

A Suites at St. Marys nurse consults with a doctor.

To choose The Suites at Saint Marys for your inpatient care, you must:

  • Have approval from your Mayo Clinic doctor
  • Require a hospital stay based on your medical needs
  • Understand that the additional costs associated with these luxury accommodations are usually not covered by insurance

The Suites at Saint Marys may not be suitable for all types of inpatient care. You can discuss with your Mayo Clinic doctor whether the facilities are an appropriate choice for you.

Are you anticipating an upcoming hospitalization? Come stay at The Suites at Saint Marys

A Suites at St. Marys attendant welcomes visitors.

Service excellence is the goal as Mayo Clinic provides the utmost in the patient experience. Enjoy the calming and serene surroundings of The Suites at Saint Marys.

For more information and costs associated with staying at The Suites at Saint Marys, please call 507-255-5151, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Suites at Saint Marys — serving the needs of the patient.