Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service

Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service provides ground and air medical transport services from bases in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Ground ambulance

Mayo Clinic's advanced life support ground ambulance service.

Air ambulance

Mayo Clinic's airplane and helicopter air ambulance service.

Emergency Communications

Mayo Clinic medical dispatchers trained in emergency communications make arrangements for a smooth transition of care between the sending and the receiving facilities.

Education and training

Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service offers programs to enhance the quality of emergency medical services and make our communities safer.

Contact us

  • Emergency services/medical transport requests
    • Phone: 800-237-6822 (toll-free)
    • Phone: 507-255-2808
    • Fax: 507-255-7119
  • Customer service/billing questions
    • Phone: 800-776-9001 (toll-free)
    • Phone: 507-255-2238
  • Management support services
    • Phone: 800-933-6296 (toll-free)
  • Professional education and courses
    • Phone: 800-933-6296 (toll-free)
    • Phone: 218-628-3950
  • Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service
    • 200 First St. SW
      Rochester, MN 55905