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  • Collaboration. At Mayo Clinic, gynecologic oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and plastic surgeons work as a multidisciplinary team to provide whole-person care to women with vulvar cancer. Other providers are included as needed.
  • Experience. Mayo Clinic doctors have experience treating this rare form of cancer. Each year, more than 150 women with vulvar cancer seek care at Mayo Clinic.
  • A full range of treatment options to consider. Mayo Clinic doctors will work with you to review all of your treatment options and choose the treatment that best suits your needs and goals.

    The range of treatments offered to women with vulvar cancer includes chemotherapy, radiation and many types of surgical procedures, such as local excision, partial vulvectomy, radical vulvectomy, lymph node removal, sentinel lymph node biopsy and reconstructive surgery.

  • Innovative surgical techniques. Mayo Clinic surgeons work to ensure your vulvar cancer treatment preserves the cosmetic appearance and function of your vulva. Surgery involves removing the smallest amount of tissue necessary to successfully remove the cancer. When it's necessary to remove lymph nodes, surgeons remove only as many as they need to ensure all the cancer has been removed.
  • Comprehensive cancer center. Mayo Clinic Cancer Center meets strict standards for a National Cancer Institute comprehensive cancer center, which recognizes scientific excellence and a multidisciplinary approach to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
Oct. 07, 2015