Coping and support

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Finding out you have Brugada syndrome can be difficult. You may worry if your treatment will work or if other family members could be at risk. There are ways to cope with your feelings about your condition, including:

  • Support groups. Finding out that you or a loved one has heart disease can be unnerving. Turning to friends and family for support is essential, but if you find you need more help, talk to your doctor about joining a support group. You may find that talking about your concerns with others who are experiencing the same difficulties can help.
  • Continued medical checkups. If you have Brugada syndrome, it's a good idea to regularly check in with your doctor to make sure you're properly managing your heart condition. Regular checkups can help your doctor decide if you need to change your treatment and may help catch any new problems early.
April 19, 2014