Asthma care at Mayo Clinic

  • Experience and expertise. The Allergic Diseases Research Laboratory at Mayo Clinic has spent decades researching the immune system and exploring the causes of asthma, with the goal of developing new treatments and eventually finding a cure.
  • Cutting-edge medicine. Mayo Clinic doctors and researchers continually develop and test new treatments for asthma. Your doctor will discuss clinical trials or experimental treatments that may be appropriate for you.
  • A multidisciplinary team of specialized experts, collaborating on your care. Mayo Clinic doctors from several medical specialties work together to provide you with the best care possible, tailored to your needs. Your team may include specialists in allergic diseases, pulmonary and critical care, ear, nose and throat medicine (otolaryngology), and other specialties as needed.
  • Comprehensive care. Your doctors will create an asthma action plan for you. You'll learn how to use your asthma medications, control symptoms and triggers, and monitor your condition.

    Your health care team will also help you identify the allergens and irritants that trigger your asthma symptoms — such as the indoor air quality in your environment — so that you can avoid them or reduce your exposure.

March 05, 2022
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