Anemia care at Mayo Clinic

  • Nationally and internationally recognized expertise. Blood disorder specialists (hematologists) at Mayo Clinic care for thousands of people with all forms of anemia and offer specialized care for each type.

    Mayo Clinic's hematologists and pathologists (specialists in assessing blood and bone marrow) are nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise in diagnosing and treating blood disorders.

  • Advanced diagnosis. Mayo Clinic offers rapid diagnostic testing and assessments by a team of experts. Hematologists work with skilled pathologists to identify anemias in Mayo Clinic's renowned hematopathology laboratory.

    This international reference lab provides doctors around the world with information and test results on complex, specialized analyses that are not available at all medical centers.

  • Research advances. Ongoing clinical trials at Mayo Clinic focus on many therapy approaches, including donor stem cell transplantation for severe aplastic anemia and the development of new drugs to treat anemia in people with certain conditions, including myelodysplastic syndromes and chronic kidney disease.
  • Your Mayo Clinic Care team. Mayo Clinic doctors take the time to listen to you, explain your options and answer your questions.
Aug. 08, 2017