Preparing for your appointment

By Mayo Clinic Staff

You'll likely first bring your symptoms to the attention of your family doctor. He or she might refer you to a doctor specializing in sports medicine or physical and rehabilitative medicine (physiatrist). If your Achilles tendon has ruptured, you may need to see an orthopedic surgeon.

What you can do

Before your appointment, you may want to write a list of answers to the following questions:

  • Did the pain begin suddenly or gradually?
  • Are symptoms worse at certain times of day or after certain activities?
  • What types of shoes do you wear during exercise?
  • What medications and supplements do you take regularly?

What to expect from your doctor

Be prepared to answer the following questions regarding your symptoms and factors that may be contributing to your condition:

  • Where exactly does it hurt?
  • Does the pain lessen with rest?
  • What is your normal exercise routine?
  • Have you recently made changes to your exercise routine, or have you recently started participating in a new sport?
  • What have you done for pain relief?
Aug. 04, 2015