Women visiting Mayo Clinic for women's health concerns receive diagnostic testing, treatment, counseling, subspecialty referrals and preventive services in a caring and comfortable setting. The following services focus on specific female health issues.

Breast Clinic

Doctors from the Breast Clinic evaluate and treat women who have benign and malignant breast diseases.

Women's Cancer Program

The program is recognized by the National Cancer Institute for its involvement in research, patient care and education for breast and gynecologic cancers.


Doctors from Gynecology diagnose and treat women who have conditions affecting the female genital tract. These doctors also include gynecologic surgeons, who are skilled at minimally invasive gynecologic procedures.

  • Urogynecology. Doctors trained in urogynecology address all pelvic floor conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse, urinary and fecal incontinence and complex pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Reproductive endocrinology and infertility. These doctors address problems related to infertility including recurrent pregnancy loss and other pregnancy-related concerns.
  • Obstetrics. The Division of Obstetrics at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota offers personalized care for women before, during and after pregnancy.

Women's Heart Clinic

The Women's Heart Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota treats and prevents heart disease while addressing the distinct concerns of women.

Women's Health Clinic

Doctors in the Women's Health Clinic provide specialty care for women with menopause or sexual health concerns.


Doctors trained in endocrinology care for women who have conditions involving the hormone-producing (endocrine) glands such as thyroid conditions, pituitary disorders and diabetes.


Doctors from Urology evaluate and treat female urinary tract conditions including urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Mayo Clinic doctors coordinate with your primary care provider to address concerns, identify needs and develop a personal plan that fits your needs. Doctors provide care and education that empower you to become an active participant in your health care.