Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Specialty Group Overview

Radiation therapy uses radiation to kill cancer cells. Radiation plays an important role in the treatment of various stages of lung cancer. For people who have early-stage cancer limited to the lung without involvement of lymph nodes, a specialized radiation treatment called stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) may be an option. Sometimes this is referred to as stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR). This treatment involves high doses of radiation directed precisely at the lung cancer.

Specialists in the stereotactic body radiation specialty group deliver treatments that usually last 30 minutes and are given daily over three to five days. Treatments are given in the outpatient setting, and there is usually no pain during the treatment. Generally, no dietary restrictions or medication changes are needed to have the treatment. People are treated on their backs in a special mold made just for them.

After treatment is complete, stereotactic body radiation specialty group experts follow you closely and evaluate the chest using CT scans to monitor response to treatment. Clinical trials and the group's own extensive experience with SBRT for lung cancer indicate a high treatment success rate with low rates of side effects.

July 18, 2023