Mayo Multidisciplinary Stone Clinic

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Mayo's Multidisciplinary Stone Clinic was one of the nation's first, starting in the late 1970s. It is staffed with urologists and nephrologists who have an interest and demonstrated expertise in the diagnosis and management of stone disease in its many and varied forms. Both adult and pediatric patients are welcome. Infants and children are seen by pediatric nephrologists and pediatric urologists with particular expertise in stone disease. The clinic offers comprehensive diagnostic, testing and treatment options.

Research studies are also an important function of the Stone Clinic. Patients may be offered a chance to participate in research protocols when appropriate.

Types of stone diseases that are rare in the general public are commonly seen at the Mayo Stone Clinic. For example, we have great experience in the management of cystinuria and one of the largest groups of patients with primary hyperoxaluria in the world. Numerous scientific publications have resulted from the collaboration among Stone Clinic personnel.