Multidisciplinary Stone Clinic Overview

The Multidisciplinary Stone Clinic at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Minnesota offers comprehensive care for adults and children with kidney stones including those that are rare or complex. For example, the clinic's doctors have helped many people living with cystinuria and primary hyperoxaluria.

Coordinated care

Your kidney doctor (nephrologist) collaborates closely with other specialists, including urologists, urologic surgeons, radiologists and dietitians, to diagnosis your condition and develop an individualized treatment plan. They coordinate with you and one another to ensure that your visits are efficient and complete.

Infants and children are seen by pediatric nephrologists and pediatric urologists with particular expertise in kidney stone disease.

Advanced diagnosis and treatment

The experts of the Multidisciplinary Stone Clinic offer advanced and precise diagnostic tests and treatment options, including some that are available at very few major medical centers. These advanced tools include specialized renal imaging, renal function studies and renal biopsies.


Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists are committed to conducting research into the causes of kidney stones and new therapies to treat them and related conditions. They regularly publish scientific publications to advance the science and improve care for people everywhere.

People who are treated at the Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Stone Clinic may have access to clinical trials. Ask your doctor about studies that may be right for you.

Oct. 06, 2020