Nephrology Critical Care Service Overview

People in the ICU often benefit from the diagnostic and therapeutic expertise of the experts who offer nephrology critical care services. These experts are experienced with innovations in renal replacement methods and improved delivery of dialysis to critically ill people. These methods are proved to improve the outcomes of people with acute renal failure.

The care of people in ICUs has become increasingly complex over the past two decades. At Mayo Clinic, these people benefit from the expertise of doctors who specialize in critical care medicine and have a special interest in researching innovative treatments to improve care of people with renal disease associated with critical illness.

Doctors of the Nephrology Critical Care Service treat disorders of fluids, electrolytes and acid-base disorders, as well as acute renal failure. Because they work in the ICU, these experts collaborate closely with the other doctors and subspecialists practicing in the intensive care units at the Mayo Clinic. Specific strategies of renal support are coordinated between the nephrology teams and the surgical, anesthesia and critical care medicine teams.

The nephrology critical care service is staffed by nephrologists who have specific interests in acute renal failure, critical care medicine, and acid-base and fluid and electrolyte disorders. Additionally, several members of this team are board-certified in critical care medicine as well as nephrology.

Oct. 06, 2020