If you're planning a trip overseas, one of your first stops should be a consultation with specialists in Mayo Clinic's Travel & Tropical Medicine Clinic.

Doctors in the Travel Clinic are knowledgeable about current health risks in every country and can help ensure that your trip is safe and healthy.

Before your trip

Schedule a consultation well before you depart so the Travel Clinic specialist can help you prepare. Your in-depth pre-travel consultation will include:

  • Evaluation of your overall health in relation to travel.
  • Identification of health risks in your destination, such as exotic infectious agents, altitude sickness or heat exhaustion.
  • Administration of vaccines to prevent illnesses found around the world.
  • Prescription of medications to prevent certain diseases such as malaria and to self-treat diarrhea if it occurs while traveling.
  • Extensive education and counseling about the unique health and safety concerns for your travel itinerary. You will leave with many helpful and up-to-date information materials.

After your trip

  • Depending on where you're going and for how long, the Travel Clinic may recommend a routine follow-up evaluation after your return.
  • The Travel Clinic can treat you if you acquire an infection on the trip. Travel Clinic staff are the Mayo experts in treating parasitic and other diseases common to tropical regions but uncommon in the United States.

The Travel Clinic is part of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.