Gate Parkway Primary Care Center Overview

  • 7826 Ozark Drive
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
  • Appointments: 904-956-8000


7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.
8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Saturday.
Phone lines open Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon.


  1. Tina Ardon, M.D.
  2. Jonathan F. Balog, D.O.
  3. Jeffery L. Crick, D.O.
  4. Kristina F. DeMatas, D.O.
  5. Sara E. Filmalter, M.D.
  6. Claire B. Haga, M.D.
  7. Anja M. Kinaszczuk, D.O.
  8. Marisol S. Sanchez-Lance, D.O.
  9. John E. Monnier, M.D.
  10. Christine Q. Nguyen, D.O.
  11. Paul F. Roberts, M.D.
  12. Amanda L. Shearer, M.D.
  13. Annie Suh, M.D.

Advanced Practice Providers

  1. Robin A. Briggs, P.A.-C.
  2. Brittany R. Christopher, P.A.
  3. Allyson L. Daley, APRN
  4. Stephanie K. Gentry, APRN
  5. Lauren J. Gorter, APRN
  6. Angela B. Huser, APRN
  7. Stephanie L. Jones, APRN, M.S.N.
  8. Mary (Katee) K. Kimball, P.A.-C.
  9. Jacqueline R. LaCouture, APRN, D.N.P.
  10. Lisa M. Torres, APRN, D.N.P.
  11. Meagan E. Vlasek, APRN
  12. Kristen G. Waugh, APRN, M.S.N.
  13. Claire P. Winfree, APRN, D.N.P.


Our Gate Parkway location is convenient to the Southside, Deerwood and Town Center areas and provides ample parking and a covered drop-off.

To get answers quickly and efficiently, the Gate Parkway Primary Care Center has on-site laboratory and radiology services. That means the information your doctor needs to evaluate your medical problem is usually available the same day or the next day. More-specialized laboratory tests and diagnostic scans are easily scheduled at the Mayo Clinic campus off San Pablo Road.

The care center's extended hours make it possible to see a doctor before or after work or school.

Services include:

  1. Comprehensive healthcare for the entire family
  2. Depression screening
  3. Flu shots and other immunizations
  4. Mental healthcare
  5. Minor surgical procedures
  6. Ongoing care for chronic diseases
  7. On-site radiology, labs, diagnostic services, including screening mammography
  8. Pediatric immunizations
  9. Routine health evaluations
  10. Same-day appointments for sports and school physicals
  11. Same-day evaluations for acute illnesses
  12. Sports medicine
  13. Well-baby visits
  14. Women's health
  15. Youth acute illness
  16. Youth concussion testing and management
Oct. 21, 2023