Nutrition Clinical Service Group

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Nutrition Clinical Service Group operates a full time outpatient consultative clinic and a hospital consultation and management service for the complete spectrum of nutritionally related medical problems.

The Outpatient Nutrition Clinic operates daily and full-time to provide:

  • comprehensive multispecialty approach to obesity and weight gain, including evaluation for bariatric surgery
  • clinical nutritional analysis of eating disorders, including bulimia and anorexia nervosa
  • general ambulatory nutrition advice and education; scientific advice on vitamin, supplement and antioxidant use
  • professional and technical support for patients requiring long-term tube feedings

Outpatient Nutrition Services Staff Physician Chair: M. Collazo-Clavell, M.D.

Hospital Nutrition Services provides a multidisciplinary approach assisted by allied health professionals at Saint Marys and Rochester Methodist Hospitals to provide:

  • cost-effective evaluation and management of medical and surgical malnourished hospitalized patients who may be receiving parenteral or enteral feeding
  • special expertise in the selection and care of nutrition-related access devices (catheters and tubes)
  • nutritional assessment, design, and monitoring of nutritional programs
  • fluid and electrolyte management of ill patients
  • assessment of drug-nutrient interactions
  • general nutrition support supervision

Hospital Nutrition Services Staff Physician Chair: M. M. McMahon, M.D.