Lipid Disorders Service Group

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Lipid Disorders Clinical Service Group provides daily inpatient and outpatient consultation services for the evaluation and treatment of lipid disorders. Members of the group have access to specialized diagnostic tests and treatment modalities and work in collaboration with registered dietitians to provide a comprehensive approach to the management of dyslipidemia.

Typical patients referred to the Lipid Clinic are patients with:

  • Genetic lipid disorders (i.e. total cholesterol <300 mg/dl,="" triglycerides=""><1,000 mg/dl,="" or="" hdl-c="">30 mg/dl)
  • Cholesterol or triglyceride elevations refractory to usual treatment, when combination drug treatment is required
  • Very low total cholesterol (<100 mg/dl)="" when="" genetic="" disease="" is="">
  • Secondary dyslipidemia due to diabetes mellitus or renal disease
  • Organ transplant and dyslipidemia
  • Premature cardiovascular disease
  • Strong family history of premature cardiovascular disease

Chair: J.M. Miles, M.D.