Chronic Kidney Disease (Renal Failure) Clinic Overview

The multidisciplinary teams of specialists in the Chronic Kidney Disease (Renal Failure) Clinic provide skilled diagnosis and individualized treatment plans to people with chronic kidney disease or diabetic nephropathy.

Coordinated care

Your kidney doctor (nephrologist) works closely with other specialists, including cardiologists, endocrinologists, pharmacists, nurses, educators and dietitians, so that you get exactly the care you need. Your care team members work with you to slow the progress of your kidney disease and achieve your treatment goals. And they coordinate with you and one another to ensure that your visits are efficient and complete. You may be referred to the team at the Diabetic Nephropathy Clinic.

Despite these efforts, your kidney disease may progress. It's important that you receive high-quality medical care before the need for hemodialysis or kidney transplant. This helps ensure the best possible outcomes when you do undergo dialysis or transplant.

Before end-stage renal disease, the focus of your treatment is on education and preparing for dialysis or kidney transplant. You will talk with dialysis educators and meet with a social services specialist who helps answer any questions you may have about insurance coverage or other issues.

Dialysis at Mayo Clinic

Comprehensive renal replacement therapy (dialysis) options are available to people with chronic kidney disease. Dialysis services are offered at the clinic's campuses in Florida, Minnesota and several communities throughout the Mayo Clinic Health System. Mayo Clinic has provided dialysis services for more than 65 years.

Dialysis services include:

  • In-center hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
  • 24-hour emergency dialysis services
  • Home hemodialysis training
  • Specialized care for children
  • Preemptive kidney transplantation evaluation

When you undergo dialysis at Mayo Clinic, your treatment is managed by specially trained nurses. If you're developing end-stage renal disease, you may be treated in an outpatient dialysis center, which offers both in-center and at-home training for dialysis.


Our physician-scientists are committed to researching improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease.

Research studies include:

  • Causes of progressive kidney (renal) damage
  • Why people with heart disease are at increased risk of chronic renal insufficiency
  • How stem cell therapy for chronic kidney disease may translate to clinical settings
  • Predictive factors in kidney disease
Oct. 14, 2023