Mayo Clinic has a long history of providing exceptional care to infants, children and teenagers in our surrounding community in southeast Minnesota, throughout the Midwest region, and nationally and internationally. The needs of the patient come first, and this primary value is reflected in our commitment to excellence in patient care, education and research.

Our general pediatric and adolescent medicine experts provide the highest quality care for children in both our outpatient clinics and our hospital locations. Along with the entire health care team, we're dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all pediatric patients.

Our general pediatric and adolescent medicine group is also a part of the Mayo Clinic Children's Center, which provides access to more than 40 pediatric medical and surgical specialties. The seamless collaboration between primary care and specialty care ensures that we're providing the most innovative and comprehensive medical expertise possible to each and every child we serve.

We're committed to respect, integrity, inclusion, compassion and healing throughout our everyday work with children and their families. Meet our groups.

Outpatient pediatric medicine

  • Community Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (CPAM). This group provides general primary care for children and teenagers living in our local community of Rochester, Minnesota, through Mayo Clinic Employee and Community Health. CPAM has over 30 pediatric providers in three locations within the community.
  • Mayo Clinic Health System (MCHS). This group includes more than 47 pediatric providers located throughout the Midwest region, allowing close access for pediatric and adolescent patients in southeast and southwest Minnesota, along with northwest and southwest Wisconsin. Find a pediatric and adolescent medicine provider in your community.
  • General Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (GPAM) clinics. In our outpatient specialty clinics — including the Complex Care Clinic and the Adolescent Autonomic Dysfunction Clinic — GPAM experts provide assessment, evaluation and management for children and teenagers with diagnostic challenges and for those with complex medical needs. Patients seen in GPAM clinics often also require the involvement of multiple pediatric specialists. Generally, children in GPAM clinics come from areas outside of southeast Minnesota and are not otherwise cared for in our CPAM or MCHS locations.

Inpatient pediatric medicine

  • Mayo Eugenio Litta Children's Hospital. Our Pediatric General Care Unit provides outstanding services for infants, children and teenagers. This group is committed to delivering high-quality, evidenced-based medical care in a comfortable and caring environment.
  • Mayo Clinic Health System community hospitals. Many Mayo Clinic Health System pediatricians also provide care for patients needing hospital services in their local community. This local support allows children to remain close to home while receiving the outstanding care they need. Pediatric hospital services are available in Austin, Minnesota; Mankato, Minnesota; Red Wing, Minnesota; Eau Claire, Wisconsin; and La Crosse, Wisconsin.