At Mayo Clinic Children's Center, more than 260 physicians with pediatric specialty expertise offer integrated care in over 70 specialty programs and clinics to children and adolescents from 50 states and over 60 countries around the world each year, inspiring hope and providing healing.

Top quality expertise and experience

Our outstanding pediatric specialists are known for their top quality expertise and vast experience in treating children with all types of diseases and disorders, including complex and rare diseases. Mayo Clinic Children's Center ranks highly in numerous pediatric specialties in the annual US News & World Report on children's hospitals.

Many of our pediatric experts hold leadership positions on national specialty boards, in national academies and professional societies, and on editorial boards of peer-reviewed publications.

Team approach, tailored to your child's needs

The needs of our patients come first. Pediatric experts at the Mayo Clinic Children's Center focus on one child and family at a time. Working as a team, medical professionals from various specialties collaborate with each other and then communicate with you to set goals and develop a customized evaluation and treatment plan for your child.

We treat each child and family with warmth, compassion and respect. We view you and your child as a key part of our comprehensive team, offering individualized care.

Team approach tailored to your child's needs.

Advanced technology and innovative treatments

Our pediatric experts use state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment techniques and the latest technology. Physicians and scientists at the Children's Research Center at Mayo Clinic are at the forefront of research, including groundbreaking clinical trials that lead to innovative therapies and the best care models to improve healthcare for newborns, children and teenagers.

Comprehensive children's hospital and outpatient services

In Mayo's family-friendly environment, pediatric specialists at Mayo Clinic Children's Hospital work as a team to meet your child's needs, as an inpatient or outpatient. As a Magnet hospital recognized for nursing excellence, our children are cared for by dedicated pediatric nurses.

In our Child Life Program, certified child life specialists provide personalized, age-appropriate support to children and families during medical experiences. We also offer medical transport services, critical care response teams, pediatric pharmacists, dietitians, social workers, family advisors, spiritual care and many more pediatric services.

Comprehensive children's hospital and outpatient services.

All the advantages of Mayo Clinic

World famous Mayo Clinic expertise, cutting-edge technology, quality, safety and appointment efficiency allow us to provide care that you can trust. Mayo Clinic offers a continuum of care throughout every stage of life, from infancy to childhood and the teenage years to adulthood.

When needed and when the time is right, pediatric and adult experts work together to provide the best expertise and smooth transition of care.


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