Complex Care Clinic

Our Complex Care Clinic, also called ComPACT, is a consultative service that provides coordinated, comprehensive care for children with multiple complex medical needs through team-based collaboration.

The Complex Care team serves as the primary point of contact for patients and their families while receiving care from multiple specialty groups. This coordinated care improves communication among specialists, local primary care providers and families to ensure a unified and holistic view of treatment plans and goals.

Is the Complex Care Clinic right for your child?

Our Complex Care Clinic serves children with significant chronic conditions in two or more body systems. Children in the clinic need ongoing subspecialty care (longer than one year) and receive a majority of their subspecialty care at Mayo Clinic's campus in Minnesota.

Children in the Complex Care Clinic generally see several different experts and benefit from coordination of appointments, tests and procedures. At Mayo Clinic, the needs of our patients and families come first.

Our care team

Together, a pediatric provider and a nurse care coordinator will work with you and the members of your child's care team to help you understand, coordinate and implement the treatment plan for your child. Using a family-centered care approach, we'll work to ensure seamless continuity of care with your local care team and coordination of care while at Mayo Clinic.

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine experts on your child's team and their roles include a:

  • Pediatrician or pediatric advanced practice provider (nurse practitioner or physician assistant)
    • Evaluates overall health and provides a holistic view of your child's needs and family goals
    • Ensures appropriate referrals to other specialists as needed
    • Helps develop the ideal treatment plan for your child by working with all members of the care team and you
  • Pediatric nurse care coordinator
    • Works directly with the pediatrician or pediatric advanced practice provider
    • Supports communication among all specialties that make up your child's care team
    • Serves as the main point of contact for you as you navigate the Mayo system

How to make an appointment

If you're interested in setting up an initial evaluation in our Complex Care Clinic, choose one of these options:

  • Request a referral to the Complex Care Clinic from any of your Mayo providers
  • Contact the Mayo Clinic Children's Center at 855-MAYO-KID (855-629-6543) toll-free, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday

What you can expect once your child is enrolled

Generally, you'll meet with your Complex Care Clinic pediatric provider every six months, and have either a visit or phone contact with your nurse coordinator every three months. If your child's condition changes or you return to Mayo for other visits, you may have follow-up sooner with your Complex Care Team as needed.

Your Complex Care Team will actively engage with your local primary care provider, making contact by phone and providing interval updates as needed.

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