An individualized program that works for your needs

The Bariatric Center at Mayo Clinic in Florida brings together a highly skilled, compassionate team of providers and caregivers with deep experience and expertise in multiple related specialties, including:

  • Nutrition services
  • Medical bariatrics
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • Psychology
  • Physical and occupational therapy
Two physicians at the Bariatric Center in Florida consult with one another on care.

Mayo Clinic in Florida is a large multispecialty institution. If your needs call for it, we can quickly consult with highly experienced specialists from other Mayo Clinic specialty departments on heart and lung problems, diabetes, sleep disorders, and other areas as needed.

Your evaluation

Your individual evaluation will be discussed with your care team at your initial appointment. This preliminary evaluation can be completed in one day. Patients should have a primary care health care provider with whom our bariatric team can communicate, to help ensure the best continuity of care.

A doctor at the Bariatric Center in Florida further discusses care options with a patient.

Before you decide to go through with the surgery or the endoscopic weight-loss procedure, it's important to understand that these successful procedures require a lifelong commitment to changing diet and exercise habits. In large part, you determine the success of the treatment.

Your multispecialty Bariatric Center care team will collaborate and consult with you to determine the best course of care for your specific challenges. Together, you'll discuss which methods of care are best for you, including any of the following.

Lifestyle modifications

You'll learn about your lifestyle choices that contribute to weight gain, as well as strategies to help adjust behaviors such as:

  • Skipping meals
  • Snacking between meals
  • Eating out daily
  • Frequently consuming indulgence foods
  • Eating in response to stress or negative emotion
  • Not participating in physical activity


Weight-loss medications can be a helpful addition to a healthy low-calorie diet and exercise plan. The bariatric team can advise you whether medications are an appropriate treatment option and provide you with a prescription and monitoring plan.

Weight-loss (bariatric) surgery

Hope Moultrie -- committing to your doctors and to yourself

The Bariatric Center in Florida has specialized, extensive expertise in a number of primary and revisional surgical procedures. Surgical techniques such as robot-assisted and laparoscopic surgery are precise, less invasive, and can lead to faster recovery times, decreased complications, and less pain and blood loss.

Explore each of the principal bariatric procedures performed at the Bariatric Center:

Revisional bariatric surgery

In our center, we also have expertise to treat complications from primary procedures or for patients with failed operations and weight gain.

Bariatric surgery for transplant patients

The Bariatric Center in Florida also treats transplant patients in need of bariatric surgery before, during and after transplant surgery.

Endoscopic weight-loss (bariatric) procedures

The Bariatric Center in Florida also coordinates with the Advanced Endoscopy Center at Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida, which performs nonsurgical weight-loss procedures for certain people who do not qualify for bariatric surgery, or who may not be able or willing to undergo a weight-loss operation.

Dec. 18, 2021