The Division of Allergic Diseases diagnoses and treats food allergies. The diagnosis depends on a careful examination, selective skin testing or RAST's (if an IgE-mediated disorder is suspected), diet elimination and blind provocation. Some common food allergens that are evaluated at Mayo Clinic are those to cow's milk, chicken eggs, legumes (peanut and soybean), and fish.

Food-allergic patients and their families can also meet with a dietician to learn about food-elimination diets to assure proper nutrition.


Patients can be followed at daily, weekly, monthly, or other intervals as necessary. Acute same-day visits are available during the week. An allergist is available around the clock for emergencies.

Allergy Interest Group

Joseph H. Butterfield, M.D.
John B. Hagan, M.D.
James T. C. Li, M.D.
Miguel A. Park, M.D.
Gerald W. Volcheck, M.D.