Why a donation may be denied

Mayo Clinic makes every effort to accept all program-registered donors. Below are some reasons why the program might deny a donation:
  • The potential donor has an infectious or contagious disease (such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, or prion diseases).
  • The next of kin objects to the donation of the body.
  • The body is not acceptable for anatomical study (extremely emaciated or extremely obese).
  • The body has been autopsied or mutilated or is decomposed.
  • Donations are not needed at the time.
  • The donor is not in the Mayo Clinic anatomical bequest program's care within 48 hours of death.
  • The donor was embalmed prior to arrival at Mayo's facility.

Mayo Clinic encourages all potential donors to have an alternate plan in case the donation isn't accepted.