Initiating the donation process

If you decide to donate your body to Mayo Clinic, please register your intent by completing the Anatomical Bequest to Mayo Clinic consent form, which you must sign yourself. Please do not fax the executed consent form. The signed original (part 1) is required to process your consent. Please have two individuals witness your signature and return part 1 of the form to:

Anatomical Services
Mayo Clinic
Stabile Building 9-38
200 First St. SW
Rochester, MN 55905

Part 2 of the form is for your records and should be shared with those who will carry out your intentions at the time of your death.


Mayo Clinic sincerely hopes your decision to participate in its anatomical bequest program is a well-thought-out advance decision that reflects a thorough understanding of the program's purpose and limitations as described in the information provided in this website.

Advanced donor registration is critical to program consideration and participation. Donor registration is realized when the prospective donor receives Mayo Clinic's letter in acknowledgment of the receipt of his or her signed consent (note that mail and processing can take up to a month).

Our program is not suited for last-minute program consideration. Please plan ahead, register early and communicate your intentions to whoever will be speaking on your behalf.

Registration is not a guarantee of acceptance, only consideration. Please refer to the "Denial of donation" section above for further explanation. The program encourages every donor family to have a contingency plan thought out in the event a donation cannot be accepted.

The form is a statement of intention only and can be canceled at any time if desires or plans change. If such a change occurs, simply request to have the donation registration canceled by writing the program at the address above. If you have questions, please call 507-284-2693.