Benefits of body donation

Body donation to Mayo Clinic provides many benefits to medical education, clinical practice and research:

  • Mayo Clinic is an accredited, degree-granting educational institution that uses these altruistic donations to advance medical education.
  • Whole-body donation supports many educational opportunities, including teaching students, medical residents, physicians and other medical trainees.
  • Mayo Clinic provides simulation and training of various types of surgeries and interventional procedures. These simulations help improve and standardize the high level of competence of healthcare professionals at Mayo Clinic.
  • Whole-body donation aids in the development of new surgical and nonsurgical treatment strategies to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.
  • Mayo Clinic has a long history of research endeavors, many of which were dependent on body donation. Research has led to medical innovations for novel treatment options and new surgical equipment to improve patient care.
  • Mayo Clinic hosts continuing education training programs that are attended by doctors and scientists from throughout the world.
  • Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization that uses institutional oversight committees to ensure that the educational intent of each donation is honored and respected.


Body Donation Program

  • Mayo Clinic
  • Stabile Building 9-22
    200 First St. SW
    Rochester, MN 55905
  • Phone: 507-284-2693
  • Email:
  • You may request an informational packet using this online form.