1. Arizona


  1. Resident - Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Mayo Clinic in Rochester
  2. Research Fellowship - Cardiovascular Laboratory - Dr. Kaye Mayo Clinic in Rochester
  3. Resident - General Surgery Mayo Clinic in Rochester
  4. Internship - Straight Surgical Northwestern University Hospital, Northwestern University
  5. MD University of Wisconsin, Madison
  6. BS Northwestern University

Academic rank

  1. Professor of Surgery


  • Diseases of the lungs - cancer, VATS, volume reduction
  • Diseases of the esophagus - cancer, reconstruction, reflux, diverticuli
  • Diseases of the chest wall - tumor
  • Diseases of the mediastinum - thymoma, germ cell tumor, myasthenia gravis
  • Diseases of the trachea - stenosis, cancer


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