Quality measures

Healthcare organizations measure quality in a variety of ways. Mayo Clinic evaluates quality by looking at outcome measures, process measures, patient satisfaction and quality rankings.


Outcome measures are results-oriented measures. Below you can see how Mayo Clinic ranks in outcome measures.


Process measures are used to evaluate whether a facility follows specific process steps which have been identified to provide timely and effective care. Below you can see how Mayo Clinic ranks in process measures.

Patient experience

Another way to assess quality is to ask patients about their experiences at Mayo Clinic. Patient satisfaction and perception of care provide information from a patient's point of view. Learn more below.

Quality rankings

Quality rankings reflect patient and outside agency perspectives about the care provided. Learn more about quality rankings.

Setting goals

Mayo Clinic strives to be in the top 10 percent of performance for all quality measures. Mayo Clinic is dedicated to continuous improvement in all areas of patient care, research and education.