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    Through the Mayo Clinic Care Network, experts across the globe come together to solve complex medical challenges, improve outcomes and advance health care.

    Experts across the globe, solving complex medical challenges. Making the impossible possible. Thousands of physicians collaborating, improving outcomes, improving lives, advancing health care. Together, we are at our best bringing innovation to impact, faster, smarter. Why? Because the patient we see suffering today, will return to her class and teach again tomorrow. That's just the beginning. Together we'll explore. We'll advocate. We'll put the patient first. It's our responsibility, our purpose, our privilege to work with you, to care for them. That's the power of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

    Why collaborate with Mayo Clinic?

    “What's important in health care is access to information, knowledge and expertise. That's what Mayo Clinic brings to our organization,” says William “Harvey” Case, CEO of Carteret Health Care.

    I think the value for our community with Mayo is we have expertise here so we can keep people close to home. What's really important in health care is access, access to information, access to knowledge, access to expertise. And that's what the Mayo Clinic brings to our organization. If it's a complex medical issue, we can have a physician reach out to another physician, we can have a nurse reach out to another nurse. We can do research, go on their website and find out information that allows us to provide the very best care close to home. It helps us make good medical decisions.

    The thing that sticks out to me the most is really the pandemic. None of us have been through this before. But to have the resources of the Mayo Clinic where we could pick up the phone and say, What are you guys doing? What are you guys doing for elective care? What are you guys doing for universal masking? What are you doing globally? I think it gave us a great resource to bounce things off of to make sure that we were doing the right things here as well. So that was power.

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    Network members have special access to Mayo Clinic's clinical, education and research knowledge and expertise through solutions and services customized to your organization's needs.

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    Through virtual and in-person collaboratives, conferences, symposiums and webinars, members gain not only the knowledge of Mayo Clinic but also the knowledge of more than 45 global health-care organizations.

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