Aerobic exercise

Want to lose weight? Boost your mood? Increase your stamina? Then add aerobic activity to your routine.

Alli weight-loss pill

Are your beverage calories adding up?

Artificial sweeteners

Atkins Diet

Barriers to fitness

Don't have time to exercise? Too tired to work out? Check out these easy ways to increase your physical activity.

Calorie count: Check your coffee cup


Check your weight-loss readiness

Counting calories

Weight control really boils down to one thing — calories. See what steps you can take to win the calorie battle.

Emotional eating

Stress, anger and other emotions can trigger overeating. Get tips to regain control of your eating and get your weight-loss efforts back on track.

Energy density

You really can eat more and still lose weight. How? The key is eating foods that are relatively low in calories but high in volume.

Energy density

You really can eat more and still lose weight. How? The key is eating foods that are relatively low in calories but high in volume.

Exercise for weight loss

Fitness motivation

Having trouble sticking with your workout? Try these tips to reignite your enthusiasm.

Fitting in fitness

Finding time for fitness can be tough. Start by making it convenient.

Gastric bypass surgery

Ingredient substitutions

Healthier recipes may be as close as your own pantry. See which ingredient substitutions you can make to improve your diet.

Interval training

Losing weight: What works?

Low-carb diet

Metabolism and weight loss

OTC weight-loss pills

Sample menu

This sample menu shows you how the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid can help you plan daily meals and snacks.

Secrets of low-fat cooking

Snack well: Tips for on-the-go eating

Snacks and weight loss

Solutions for weight-loss setbacks

Strength training basics

Wonder if you should add strength training to your fitness program? The short answer is yes. Here's why.

Teen weight loss

The Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a different approach to weight loss. It's a lifestyle that can help you maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.

Trying to cut calories? Pick plants

Walking for fitness

Motivated to improve your fitness level? Try walking. It's simple — and effective.

Want to lose weight? Eat more fiber

Watch what you drink when dieting

Weight gain after menopause

Concerned about menopause weight gain? Take control of your weight with healthy lifestyle choices - starting today!

Weight loss after pregnancy

Ready to trade your maternity clothes for your favorite jeans? Good for you! Here's help getting started.

Weight loss: Set yourself up for success

Weight loss: Unhook yourself from food

Weight training

Lean muscle mass naturally decreases with age. Flabby muscles aren't inevitable, though. Reverse the trend with weight training.

Weight-loss drugs

Weight-loss goals

Convert your thoughts into actions by setting realistic and attainable weight-loss goals.

Weight-loss options

With so many diets promising quick and easy weight-loss cures, how do you find one that actually works for you?

Weight-loss plateau

Weight-loss readiness

Before you plunge into a weight-loss program, see if you're truly ready to change.

Weight-loss strategies

Want to tip the scales in your favor? Here are six ways to win at weight loss and keep the pounds off.

Weight-loss surgery

Have you ever wondered how gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries work? Check out this guide.

Weight-loss tip: Don't skip snacks

Apr. 05, 2014