Hi, Addie. I'm Carrie. I'm a speech pathologist. I'm going to be helping out with the evaluation today. We're going to be doing a type of swallowing evaluation where we put a camera in your nose. We give you different consistencies of food items to swallow and watch you swallow those. This is the camera we're going to use. It goes in your nose about this far, just a little bit past that white line. There's not much space between your nose and your throat, so it doesn't have to go in very far. We're not in there very long. Just long enough to take a look around at the anatomy, give you a couple of things to eat and drink, watch you swallow those and then we come out, okay. So the different items we're going to be swallowing. We'd like to do an assortment of consistencies, so we do a thin liquid, a puree, and then a solid consistency. I put a little green food coloring in the liquid and the puree that just allows us to see it better when the cameras in place. Okay.

Proceduralist: Ready?

Assistant: Some slow deep breaths.

Carrie: That's the absolute worst part right there.

Assistant: Good job.

Proceduralist: Can you see?

Assistant: Can you see on the TV?

Carrie: Only if you want.

Proceduralist: We can show you afterwards too.

Carrie: Ready for me?

Assistant: Take a couple sips of juice.

Carrie: Go ahead and take a couple more for me. Good.

Assistant: Some applesauce.

Carrie: Your other hand. Go ahead and take a bite of one of those. And one more. You can move your head a little bit. All right. That's it.

Proceduralist: Are you done?

Carrie: I'm done.

Proceduralist: On the way out. Perfect.

Assistant: You did it! Good job.

Oct. 20, 2021