We're honored and we're humbled by the ranking by U.S. News & World Report and other ranking agencies. And that's because we know that patients and the families increasingly turn to these rankings where they decide to go for their health care. And we want them to come to Mayo Clinic. We want them to experience the Mayo Model of care.

Mayo Clinic was ranked number one in more subspecialties than any other health care provider. And that is a testament to our integrated approach to health care. Mayo Clinic is the only health care organization that consistently ranks at the top of the providers when it comes to health care, irrespective of the metric that is used and the respect of the rating agency. And in that context, this number one rating by U.S. News & World Report is a true tribute to our staff, both for the clinical excellence that they provide, but also because of the compassionate way that they provide care to our patients and the way they individualize care. And that's really important because patients, when they come to see us, it's usually at the most stressful time of their lives.

And we were ranked number one, number two, or number three in every one of the 12 subspecialties that were ranked. That's important because patients with complex or serious disease need us to come together rapidly to provide them with answers. And we get about a million patients that come to us from all 50 states or 130 countries that come to us often where they've gone somewhere else and continue to seek answers. And many of them when they enter our buildings tell us they sense something different.

They sense hope, and that's a true Mayo differentiator. We will always provide hope. We will always provide healing. Our primary value is the needs of the patient come first. And we use that as the North Star, as the litmus test for every decision we make. Be it formulating a treatment plan for a patient or deciding whether to invest millions of dollars in a new, promising area of research.

We also are relentless in our focus to continue to improve. And that is to improve the quality of the care we provide, to improve the safety of the care we provide, and improve the patient experience.

Mayo Clinic staff own this award. This award was made possible because of them. Not only do we have the best staff in the world, but they work compassionately together to make sure we deliver the best possible health care but always with that human touch. And that's the Mayo difference. And that's why our future is so bright. That's why we're looking forward to seeing how we can contribute to transforming health care and doing it the Mayo way.