Narrator: Mayo Clinic is the oldest and largest physician-led group practice of medicine supported by research and education. And we remain a model for health care around the world.

Christina Dilaveri, M.D., Executive and International Medicine: For essentially any condition under the sun, if the patient comes here, we can get them evaluated for it. We can get them treated for it. And it not just the best care, but it's compassionate care.

David McFadden, M.D., Executive and International Medicine: It is a medical center that provides comprehensive evaluation and care and a very, very efficient protocol.

Christina Dilaveri, M.D.: From the person who greets you to the time the physician walks in and shakes your hand, we're going to take good care of you.

Narrator: At Mayo Clinic, your care begins in the International Center. This is the hub for all the services you might need during your stay with us.

International Finance Representative: When a patient comes from another country and they don't speak English, they can expect a level of service of the highest order. Dedicated international finance personnel will assist you with registration and answer any questions you might have about billing and insurance.

Ammar Abdalla, International Finance Representative: If they have questions about certain procedures and how much they're going to cost, we give them the estimates.

Narrator: At registration, you can also create a free online patient account for safe and simple access to your medical information. It's secure, convenient, and gives patients access to test results, clinical notes, and upcoming appointments. It also allows patients to securely send and receive messages from his or her care team.

Ammar Abdalla: Upon registration, patients are provided with the appointment yet that lays the week plan, the time of the appointment, the floor, and where to go.

Narrator: Our concierge services team is here to help by providing information and guidance with travel, tourism, and community resources.

Chelsea Lockrem, Concierge: We help with lodging, transportation, things to do, restaurants. People should expect concierge services to really help them bridge the gap between the Rochester community and how Mayo Clinic operates.

Narrator: Concierge is here to make your Mayo Clinic visit as worry free and enjoyable as possible.

International patient coordinators are also available to assist during the visit. Coordinators partner with physicians and other care team members to help meet the unique needs of our international patients.

Yue (Susan) Xu, International Patient Coordinator: Even before a patient comes, Mayo's care team is already trying to take care of them, trying to see what kind of method can we offer to treat the patient. When they arrive here, whatever problem they have, they come to us, and we solve them.

Narrator: At Mayo Clinic, we help patients feel at ease. Information desks, wayfinding maps, and signage are located throughout the hospital campuses to help answer your questions and assist with directions.

Linda Peterson, Registered Nurse: My philosophy has always been, whether I was at the hospital or whether I'm here at the clinic, when I see a patient for the first time, I want to think to myself what I can do for that patient to make their day a little bit better than what it would have been if I hadn't met them.

Maria Porraz, In-Person Interpreter: My role is to facilitate communication between the provider and the patient. I feel it's very important for them to be able to tell their story and for the physician, or the health care provider, to learn and understand what the patient is coming from.

Narrator: Here in Rochester, there are two main campuses, the downtown campus and St. Mary's Hospital. The downtown campus includes the patient care areas with most of the doctor's offices and examination rooms as well as some testing areas. The downtown campus buildings are connected by climate-controlled, pedestrian walkways allowing convenient and quick access, especially during times of rain or snow, to the clinic's downtown buildings as well as hotels and shopping areas.

Mayo Clinic patients who need hospital care are seen at one of two Mayo Clinic hospitals. St. Mary's campus is located five minutes away from the downtown campus. A free, wheelchair-accessible patient and visitor shuttle runs continuously between the downtown campus and St. Mary's for your convenience.

At Mayo Clinic, the needs of the patient come first. We provide world-class health care and accommodation every day.

Chelsea Lockrem, Concierge: Everyone here Mayo, whether it's your doctor or us in concierge, we are all working together to make this a seamless experience for you.

Christina Dilaveri, M.D.: You have providers here who are the world experts in identifying some of these really rare conditions. This is the place to come to get that figured out.

David McFadden, M.D.: There's a lot of innovation, a new treatment, a lot of exciting opportunities for patients who may come to Mayo Clinic to have many of their complex problems evaluated and often resolved.

Amit K. Ghosh, M.D., General Internal Medicine: But let me tell you, we will listen to you. We will listen to whatever you have to say. And we'll do everything possible in our power to help you. That's the guarantee we give you.

Various Mayo Clinic staff: At Mayo Clinic, the needs of the patient come first.

Narrator: Now is the time to let us serve you.