Infographic: Pancreas Kidney Transplant

Giving persons living with diabetes a fresh start.

Pancreas and kidney transplant options can transform lives.

  • 1.25 million people in the U.S. have Type 1 diabetes
  • 20-30% of these people will develop kidney failure

Two groups of people can benefit from a pancreas or kidney + pancreas transplant.

  1. People with Type 1 diabetes whose kidneys are functioning and develop "hypoglycemia unawareness" – they can't tell when their blood sugar levels change, and therefore may have life threatening insulin reactions.
  2. People with Type 1 diabetes who do not make their own insulin resulting in difficulty controlling diabetes and kidney disease. Up to 30% can develop kidney failure over several decades. In patients with kidney failure, simultaneous kidney/pancreas or kidney alone followed by pancreas after kidney transplant are life transforming options.

Two transplant options restore hope.

  1. Pancreas-only transplant

    For people with Type 1 diabetes plus hypoglycemia unawareness or other complications. Their kidneys must be functional.

  2. Pancreas + kidney transplant

    For people with Type 1 diabetes accompanied by kidney failure.

    This transplant may happen simultaneously, or in two sequential surgeries.

Transplantation for diabetes success rates

Simultaneous pancreas + kidney transplant 93%

Sequential pancreas + kidney transplant 91%

Pancreas-only transplant 78%

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