Neonatologists are pediatricians who specialize in medical care of newborns (neonates), especially those who are premature or sick. Telemedicine most commonly refers to communication with a patient or a patient's health care team using a private and secure audio-video connection. Mayo Clinic's Teleneonatology Program can bring neonatology expertise to the bedside of any newborn in need of critical care, regardless of birth location.

A part of the Mayo Clinic Children's Center, this innovative program allows neonatologists to immediately advise care teams in community hospitals using a real-time audio-video telemedicine connection. During a teleneonatology consult (consultation), a Mayo Clinic neonatologist works closely with your local care team to provide your newborn the safest, highest-quality care.

Mayo Clinic Teleneonatology Program: Simulated teleneonatology consult