A health care team looks to the telemedicine neonatologist for next steps in treating a critically ill premature baby.

Common newborn conditions that may benefit from a teleneonatology consult include:

  • Prematurity (delivery before 37 weeks of pregnancy)
  • Need for advanced resuscitation or intensive care
  • Breathing problems
  • Birth defects

Studies show that telemedicine for newborns who need resuscitation improves the quality of care delivered by local providers.

Your newborn's consult

During your baby's teleneonatology consult, a Mayo Clinic neonatologist will connect by telemedicine to assist your local care team. The neonatologist will guide the team through various newborn assessments, interventions and procedures. This may include providing breathing assistance, establishing placement of umbilical lines, administering medications, and getting lab tests and X-rays.

If it's an emergency consult, you may not initially know that the Mayo Clinic neonatologist is assisting in the care of your newborn. However, once your baby is stable, the local physician or consulting neonatologist will discuss the reason for the teleneonatology consult and the plan of care for your newborn.

After a teleneonatology consult, your baby may be healthy enough to remain in the birth hospital or your baby may need to be transferred to a hospital that has a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

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