Mayo Clinic is where the unbelievable happens.

This is where the unbelievable happens.

At Mayo Clinic, we are doing what’s never been done. From groundbreaking treatments to personalized care enhanced through innovations like AI and 3D printing, we have the skills, the people, and the ideas to transform medicine. Health care will never be the same.

Mayo Clinic: You know where to go
Photo of Maggie

Curing the uncurable: Maggie’s story.

An experimental drug helps treat one girl’s rare disease.

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Photo of Christopher

Seeing the unseeable: Chris’s story.

A bone marrow transplant that offered a veteran more hope.

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Photo of Danielle

Treating the untreatable: Danielle’s story.

The complex procedure that healed a dancer.

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Photo of Maria

Solving the unsolvable: Maria’s story.

A surgery to end the pain from trigeminal neuralgia.

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Photo of Tygh

Predicting the unpredictable: Tygh’s story.

A proactive approach to manage Krabbe disease.

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Photo of Alejandro

Detecting the undetectable: Alejandro’s story.

Early colon cancer detection saves a life.

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Why choose Mayo Clinic

  • More experience

    The million patients we treat each year prepares us to treat the one who matters most — you.

  • The right answers

    Count on our experts to deliver an accurate diagnosis and the right plan for you the first time.

  • You come first

    Treatment at Mayo Clinic is a truly human experience. You’re cared for as a person first.

  • Innovation with impact

    All of our patient care, education and research are driven to make discoveries that can help heal you.

1 & only.

Mayo Clinic is proud to rank No. 1 in Minnesota, Arizona and Florida, and is top-ranked in more specialties than any other hospital in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report. Read full story Read about Mayo Clinic’s U.S. News & World Report rankings