What to bring

Representative information form

Following are some things to bring with you to Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida for your appointment:

  • "Patient Family History" and "Current Visit Information" forms, if they have not been completed online. (Create your Patient Online Services account.)
  • Any required authorizations.
  • Insurance cards, photo ID and claims filing information.
  • Medical information, X-rays, CT scans and MRIs supplied by your home physician, if requested.
  • Contact information for the physician who referred you to Mayo Clinic.
  • If possible, a letter from your home physician summarizing your condition.
  • A list of your current medications (prescribed and over-the-counter) and dietary supplements (herbal products), including dosages.
  • Items to help pass the time while you wait between appointments. You can bring a laptop computer if you wish. Mayo Clinic has a free wireless network.
  • Your living will or other health-care directive, if you have one.

Advance Directives Awareness

You, your legal representative or your care provider have the right to request a chaperone during your examination or treatment.

Please be sure to follow any special instructions, such as fasting, that you may have received.

Please leave your valuables at home. Mayo Clinic cannot be responsible for belongings or valuables you keep with you.