Is Mayo Clinic doing research on my condition?

At any given time, Mayo Clinic has 12,000 studies underway to solve the world's most challenging medical problems.

As the nation's leading academic medical center, relentless research, continuous discovery and cutting-edge technology are our standard.

Mayo Clinic's scientists, educators and doctors lead research in serious, complex and rare conditions — because they see serious, complex and rare conditions every day. Our team is dedicated to translating big, bold ideas into practice to solve real problems for people just like you.

From performing the first heart-lung-liver transplant in the United States to developing an innovative treatment to improve severe attacks of multiple sclerosis, Mayo Clinic's landmark discoveries help patients around the world.

COVID-19 research

To help mitigate the effects of the current coronavirus pandemic, Mayo Clinic has developed a comprehensive COVID-19 research task force to respond to virtually every aspect of the virus, from virology to community engagement. Mayo Clinic also leads the national effort to research and use the plasma of people who have recovered from COVID-19 to treat others. The Expanded access program now available in every state. Mayo Clinic has also launched a number of clinical trials to help understand and treat the disease.

What Mayo Clinic innovation means for patients

You can be confident that you'll receive the latest and most promising treatments for your individual needs.

We're making discoveries in the same locations as we're providing care, so scientific breakthroughs and innovations reach our patients more quickly. In fact, our patients are frequently among the first to benefit from innovative therapies, new technologies and clinical research trials.

Our commitment to innovation started more than 150 years ago, when brothers Will and Charlie Mayo and their colleagues pioneered the system of team-focused, collaborative care that we still use today. Our specialists continue to work together to provide care for one patient at a time. These partnerships result in medical advances that couldn't be uncovered in isolation. Simply put, we practice innovation on a case-by-case basis.

At the same time, we're dedicated to large, long-term investments to develop procedures and technologies that have never been used before. In our Center for Regenerative Biotherapeutics alone, clinical trials are underway for more than 30 diseases and conditions. This includes studies that explore new therapies, such as someday providing new red blood cells for people with leukemia, healthy neurons for stroke, and restorative pancreatic cells for diabetes.

It's all part of our commitment to provide patients with answers, advanced treatment options and new hope for years to come.

How to join a Mayo Clinic trial

Mayo Clinic doctors and scientists conduct thousands of medical studies every day.

Your Mayo Clinic provider can tell you about studies related to your individual health concern. If you qualify for a particular study, your doctor will connect you with a study coordinator to learn more.

You can also research the studies currently recruiting participants.

Or talk directly with someone who can answer questions, discuss your needs and help locate research studies that match your interests:

Noncancer clinical studies

  • 800-664-4542

Cancer-related clinical studies

  • 855-776-0015

Research studies are only conducted in cooperation with patients who volunteer to participate in them. Mayo Clinic will never register you for a study without your permission.