1. Xacduro, also known asSulbactam And Durlobactam (Intravenous Route)
  2. Xaciato, also known asClindamycin (Vaginal Route)
  3. Xadago, also known asSafinamide (Oral Route)
  4. Xalatan, also known asLatanoprost (Ophthalmic Route)
  5. Xalatan, also known asAntiglaucoma Agent, Cholinergic, Long-Acting (Ophthalmic Route)
  6. Xalkori, also known asCrizotinib (Oral Route)
  7. Xanax, also known asAlprazolam (Oral Route)
  8. Xanax XR, also known asAlprazolam (Oral Route)
  9. Xaracoll, also known asBupivacaine (Implantation Route)
  10. Xarelto, also known asRivaroxaban (Oral Route)
  11. Xartemix XR, also known asOxycodone And Acetaminophen (Oral Route)
  12. Xatmep, also known asMethotrexate (Oral Route)
  13. XCOPRI, also known asCenobamate (Oral Route)
  14. Xeglyze, also known asAbametapir (Topical Application Route)
  15. Xeljanz, also known asTofacitinib (Oral Route)
  16. Xeloda, also known asCapecitabine (Oral Route)
  17. Xelpros, also known asLatanoprost (Ophthalmic Route)
  18. Xelstrym, also known asDextroamphetamine (Transdermal Route)
  19. Xembify, also known asImmune Globulin (Intramuscular Route, Intravenous Route, Subcutaneous Route)
  20. Xembify, also known asImmune Globulin-Klhw (Subcutaneous Route)
  21. Xenazine, also known asTetrabenazine (Oral Route)
  22. Xenical, also known asOrlistat (Oral Route)
  23. Xenleta, also known asLefamulin (Intravenous Route)
  24. Xenleta, also known asLefamulin (Oral Route)
  25. Xenon Xe 129 Hyperpolarized (Inhalation Route)
  26. Xenon Xe 133 (Inhalation Route)
  27. Xenoview, also known asXenon Xe 129 Hyperpolarized (Inhalation Route)
  28. Xenpozyme, also known asOlipudase Alfa-Rpcp (Intravenous Route)
  29. Xepi, also known asOzenoxacin (Topical Application Route)
  30. Xerava, also known asEravacycline (Intravenous Route)
  31. Xerese, also known asAcyclovir And Hydrocortisone (Topical Application Route)
  32. Xermelo, also known asTelotristat Ethyl (Oral Route)
  33. Xgeva, also known asDenosumab (Subcutaneous Route)
  34. Xhance, also known asCorticosteroid (Nasal Route)
  35. Xhance, also known asFluticasone (Nasal Route)
  36. Xiaflex, also known asCollagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (Injection Route)
  37. Xibrom, also known asAnti-Inflammatory Drugs, Nonsteroidal (Ophthalmic Route)
  38. Xibrom, also known asBromfenac (Ophthalmic Route)
  39. Xifaxan, also known asRifaximin (Oral Route)
  40. Xigduo XR, also known asDapagliflozin And Metformin (Oral Route)
  41. Xiidra, also known asLifitegrast (Ophthalmic Route)
  42. Ximino, also known asMinocycline (Oral Route)
  43. Xipere, also known asTriamcinolone (Intraocular Route)
  44. Xofigo, also known asRadium Ra 223 Dichloride (Intravenous Route)
  45. Xofluza, also known asBaloxavir Marboxil (Oral Route)
  46. Xolair, also known asOmalizumab (Subcutaneous Route)
  47. Xolegel, also known asKetoconazole (Topical Route)
  48. Xolox, also known asOxycodone And Acetaminophen (Oral Route)
  49. Xopenex, also known asLevalbuterol (Inhalation Route)
  50. Xopenex HFA, also known asLevalbuterol (Inhalation Route)
  51. Xopenex Pediatric, also known asLevalbuterol (Inhalation Route)
  52. Xospata, also known asGilteritinib (Oral Route)
  53. Xpect-PE, also known asCough And Cold Combinations (Oral Route)
  54. Xpovio, also known asSelinexor (Oral Route)
  55. X-Prep, also known asSenna (Oral Route)
  56. Xtampza ER, also known asOxycodone (Oral Route)
  57. Xtandi, also known asEnzalutamide (Oral Route)
  58. Xtoro, also known asFinafloxacin (Otic Route)
  59. Xulane, also known asEthinyl Estradiol And Norelgestromin (Transdermal Route)
  60. Xuriden, also known asUridine Triacetate (Oral Route)
  61. Xylocaine, also known asLidocaine (Injection Route)
  62. Xylocaine, also known asLidocaine (Topical Application Route)
  63. Xylocaine, also known asAnesthetic, Local (Topical Application Route)
  64. Xylocaine-MPF, also known asLidocaine (Injection Route)
  65. Xyosted, also known asTestosterone (Intramuscular Route, Subcutaneous Route)
  66. Xyosted, also known asAndrogen (Oral Route, Parenteral Route, Subcutaneous Route, Topical Application Route, Transdermal Route)
  67. Xyrem, also known asSodium Oxybate (Oral Route)
  68. Xywav, also known asCalcium Oxybate, Magnesium Oxybate, Potassium Oxybate, And Sodium Oxybate (Oral Route)
  69. Xyzal, also known asLevocetirizine (Oral Route)
  70. Xyzal, also known asAntihistamine (Oral Route, Parenteral Route, Rectal Route)
  71. Xyzal, also known asCough And Cold Combinations (Oral Route)
  72. Xyzal, also known asMeclizine, Buclizine, And Cyclizine (Oral Route, Parenteral Route)
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