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At Mayo Clinic's campus in Minnesota, pediatric psychiatrists and psychologists offer inpatient and outpatient treatment for children and teens with depression. A team of mental health professionals will work with you and your teen to set goals, develop a customized plan based on needs, and monitor progress. As a parent, you'll learn how to effectively provide support to your child.

The treatment team works closely with you and your child to provide extensive education about managing depression. The team can also teach stress management techniques and other tools to empower your teen to cope with depression. When your child leaves Mayo Clinic, Mayo can consult with your hometown doctor to adjust the treatment plan as needed.

Advanced diagnosis and treatment

Mayo Clinic's psychiatry and psychology services include:

  • Child, Adolescent and Family Treatment Unit. In this inpatient unit, children and teens are treated for a variety of conditions, such as depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety or self-injury behavior. Children and teens spend time with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and occupational, physical, music and recreational therapists. The treatment plan includes family therapy and one-on-one sessions with parents.
  • Pediatric Mood Clinic. This outpatient clinic is staffed by experts in childhood mood disorders — such as depression and bipolar disorder — and provides team-based diagnosis and treatment. It includes Adolescents Coping with Depression, a 12-week intervention for ages 14 to 18, and Multifamily Psychoeducational Psychotherapy, an eight-week intervention for ages 11 to 14.
  • Child and Adolescent Integrated Mood Program (CAIMP). CAIMP is a two-week program for ages 10 to 18 with primary depression or bipolar disorder. Treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapies, interpersonal therapy, mindfulness, medication management, family-focused strategies, health and wellness interventions, and education about mood disorders. Caregivers are required to participate in the program with their child to improve understanding of their child's illness and develop techniques to both support their child and assist with their own coping.

Expertise and rankings

  • Comprehensive care. The Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at Mayo Clinic is one of the largest psychiatric treatment groups in the United States. A member of the National Network of Depression Centers, Mayo Clinic Depression Center in Minnesota offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children with depression or bipolar disorder.
  • Extensive expertise and experience. Mayo Clinic specialists in psychiatry and psychology have extensive experience and expertise in treating depression, seeing more than 1,700 teens with depression each year. Board-certified specialists in the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology treat all types of depression and bipolar disorder.
  • Innovative treatments based on the latest research. Mayo Clinic researchers continue to study a number of issues, such as new diagnostic and treatment tools, how genes may be linked to depression, and suicidal behaviors. Some people with depression may be able to participate in clinical trials. You can ask the health team for more information.

Nationally recognized expertise

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., is ranked as one of the top psychiatry hospitals in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

Locations, travel and lodging

Mayo Clinic has major campuses in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona; Jacksonville, Florida; and Rochester, Minnesota. The Mayo Clinic Health System has dozens of locations in several states.

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Costs and insurance

Mayo Clinic works with hundreds of insurance companies and is an in-network provider for millions of people.

In most cases, Mayo Clinic doesn't require a physician referral. Some insurers require referrals, or may have additional requirements for certain medical care. All appointments are prioritized on the basis of medical need.

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Please contact your insurance company to verify medical coverage and to obtain any needed authorization prior to your visit. Often, your insurer's customer service number is printed on the back of your insurance card.

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Nov. 16, 2018