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Mayo Clinic has one of the largest and most experienced practices in the United States, with campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. Staff skilled in dozens of specialties work together to ensure quality care and successful recovery.

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  1. Christopher L. Camp, M.D.

    Christopher L. Camp, M.D.

    1. Rochester, Minnesota
    Areas of focus:

    Elbow arthroscopy, Knee surgery, Rotator cuff surgery, Shoulder arthroscopy, Shoulder replacement, Tommy John surgery, Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, ACL injury, Acromioclavicular AC joint arthritis, Arthritis, Biceps tear, Biceps tendinitis, Cartilage injury, Elbow instability, Golfer's elbow, Labral tear, Lateral collateral ligament tear, Little Leaguer's elbow, Medial collateral ligament tear, Patellofemoral instability, Rotator cuff injury, Shoulder instability, Tennis elbow, Torn meniscus more

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  2. Arthur J. De Luigi, D.O., M.H.A.

    Arthur J. De Luigi, D.O., M.H.A.

    1. Phoenix, Arizona
    Areas of focus:

    Joint injection, Nerve hydrodissection, Platelet rich plasma injection, Regenerative medicine therapy, Spinal injection, ACL injury, Ankle arthritis, Biceps tendinitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Cervical radiculopathy, Concussion, Cubital tunnel syndrome, Golfer's elbow, Hip arthritis, Hip impingement, Hip labral tear, Hip tendinitis, Knee bursitis, Knee disorder, Lumbar radiculopathy, Lumbar spinal stenosis, Lumbar spondylosis, Osteoarthritis, Plantar fasciitis, Rotator cuff injury, Rotator cuff tendinitis, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, Sacroiliitis, Shoulder disorder, Shoulder impingement syndrome, Sprained ankle, Sprains and strains, Tennis elbow, Thoracic radiculopathy, Wrist ligament injuries more

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  3. Shawn W. O'Driscoll, M.D., Ph.D.

    Shawn W. O'Driscoll, M.D., Ph.D.

    1. Orthopedic Surgeon
    1. Rochester, Minnesota
    Areas of focus:

    Cartilage repair/restoration, Elbow arthroscopy, Shoulder arthroscopy, Shoulder replacement, Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, Articular cartilage injury, Biceps tear, Elbow fracture, Elbow impingement, Golfer's elbow, Labral tear, Osteoarthritis, Osteochondritis dissecans, Shoulder impingement syndrome, Sports injuries, Tennis elbow more

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Sept. 28, 2018