The system of veins and arteries that carries blood throughout the body is subject to several conditions that can result from blood vessel diseases. Conditions can range from aneurysms (weakened blood vessel walls that balloon out) to atherosclerosis (obstructed or narrowed blood vessels that limit or stop the flow of blood). These blood vessel conditions can lead to life-threatening events such as stroke and heart attack.

Specialists in the Vascular Center are experienced in the evaluation and treatment of diseases caused by abnormal widening or narrowing of the peripheral arteries. Vascular conditions treated and services performed include:

Vascular Ulcer and Wound Healing Clinic

The multidisciplinary group of specialists in the Vascular Ulcer and Wound Healing Clinic diagnose and treat patients with ischemic, venous, diabetic and small-vessel ulcers. Treatment of vascular ulcers and wounds involves physicians in vascular medicine, vascular surgery, internal medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation and dermatology. Their expertise ensures comprehensive evaluation and treatment of patients with vascular ulcers and wounds. Treatment options depend on the cause and severity of the vascular condition.

After a patient receives a thorough evaluation, physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses experienced in the care of vascular conditions develop a treatment plan tailored to the needs of each patient. The individualized treatment plan may also include preventive care, education and follow-up visits.