Hearing Aid Services for Out-of-Town Patients

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Mayo Clinic audiologists will review the results of your hearing examination with you and discuss your communication needs and difficulties. Our audiologists can perform tests on your hearing aids to determine if they are working properly and if they are set to maximize your benefit. This service is not covered by your insurance.

Hearing Aid Selection Services

Our audiologists will review your hearing test results with you and discuss your communication needs. They will provide a review of information on hearing aid options including the size and styles, and electronic circuits and options available. They will recommend various options to meet your needs. You can expect to be a better-informed consumer when you go to purchase your hearing aids in your local community. This service is not covered by insurance.

Dispensing of Hearing Aids

Mayo Clinic prefers to provide hearing aids and hearing rehabilitative services only to patients who live within an easy driving distance of Rochester. The reason for this preference is for your convenience, as the process of fitting the hearing aids can take a number of visits during the initial stages. In addition, should the hearing aids need service or repair, it might difficult or inconvenient for you to return to Rochester for what might be a simple service that you could have obtained in your local community. If you have investigated hearing aid services in your community and have found none that are acceptable to you, we will be happy to provide hearing aids to you at our clinic.