Oculofacial Plastics Clinic Overview

Specialists examine a patient at Mayo Clinic’s Oculofacial Plastics Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.

When conditions such as skin cancer, trauma or complications from previous surgery affect the eyelids or eye socket as well as surrounding facial structures, patients may benefit from a multidisciplinary approach. The Mayo Clinic Oculofacial Plastics Clinic (OFPC) in Rochester, Minnesota, streamlines evaluation and treatment for people with complex periorbital reconstructive needs.

In a single day, patients are evaluated by multiple specialists and receive any needed advanced testing, such as high-resolution CT scans for creation of 3D-printed models. A team of doctors reviews all clinical information and imaging at a noon conference and develops a treatment plan tailored to each patient's exact condition. In the afternoon, patients meet again with the team and discuss options for medical or surgical treatment.

Mayo Clinic Oculofacial Plastics Clinic

Your treatment team

The OFPC is led by a plastic surgeon and an oculoplastic surgeon. If needed, other specialists are available for consultation, including dermatologists, head and neck surgeons, strabismus surgeons, and neurosurgeons. We also work closely with specialized radiologists who create 3D-printed models to support surgical planning.


Our OFPC team offers the following procedures at Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus. Additional information is available when you request an appointment.

  • Correction of eyelid surgery complication
  • Correction of facial surgery complication
  • Custom orbital implants
  • Eyelid retraction repair
  • Fat grafting
  • Orbital fracture repair
  • Scar revision
  • Skin cancer reconstruction
April 15, 2023