The Nicotine Dependence Center is committed to supporting medical professionals in their efforts to help people end their dependence on nicotine. Prompt access is available at Mayo Clinic for patient appointments. The phone numbers below will connect you directly with an appointment coordinator in Referring Physician Services at the respective Mayo Clinic campus.

Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

Call 866-629-6362 (toll-free) or 480-301-7085. From outside the U.S.: 480-301-6539.

Jacksonville, Florida

Call 800-634-1417 (toll-free) or 904-953-0321. From outside the U.S.: 904-953-7000.

Rochester, Minnesota

Call 800-533-1564 (toll-free). From outside the U.S.: 507-538-1515.

All programs are physician supervised so that treatment of nicotine dependence is coordinated with treatment of other medical problems, as needed. The six-month stop rate among outpatients who receive a tobacco treatment specialist consult at the Nicotine Dependence Center is over 25 percent versus less than 5 percent for people who attempt to quit without any treatment for tobacco dependence.


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June 15, 2024