Multifocal Lung Cancer Specialty Group Overview

Multifocal lung cancer is a complex condition where more than one spot of lung cancer is present. Each of these spots could represent an individual cancer that is independent of the other spots in the lungs. Or, alternatively, the spots could mean a singular lung cancer has spread. The detection of multifocal lung cancer has increased with the use of low-dose CT scans for lung cancer screening and CT scans ordered for other conditions.

Because the condition is so complex, the Mayo Clinic multifocal lung cancer specialty group uses a team-based approach for treatment. This team often consists of radiologists, pathologists, pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists. Together, the team will evaluate your specific condition and build a treatment plan tailored to your needs. For instance, your team may recommend surgery, radiation, ablation, chemotherapy or a combination of these based on a wide variety of factors, including the number of lesions, their location and their relatedness to one another.

July 18, 2023